Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to Save Space with Small Bathroom Vanities

 Investing in a small bath vanity can be great as it has the ability to conserve space easily. It also makes the lavatory feel less cluttered and confined. There are many bathroom vanities which you can make use of in order to make use of the bathroom space. Bathrooms which are smaller in size can have vanities just to ensure that it looks good when they are in place. Generally you always pay attention to decorating your drawing room or bedroom but you never think of the bathroom. But with these small vanities, you can definitely make the place look much better than what it really is. Previously people used to prefer larger bathrooms as they looked better and superior but with the change in taste, people now have a fascination for smaller bathrooms which are sleek and beautiful.

The vanities for small bathrooms generally vary from 13 to 20 inches in size. They are almost enough to be used in a sink but they do not have any counter space which makes them more attractive in small bathrooms. Melbourne can be the best place where you will find lots of varieties when you are down to buy bathroom vanities from the reliable stores such as K.A.Y Stone. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you can keep picking the vanities and the variety would not end. One of the most common vanities used in small bathrooms is a mirror. Since this can be hung on a wall, you will be able to save some space and use it for some other purpose. The mirror can be crafty and the size depends on your choice. But the size should be such that you can see your face and neck at the same time otherwise it would be too small. Another vanity of bathroom vanities Melbourne which can really save a lot of space in any bathroom is a cabinet. There are bathrooms which have shelves to keep the daily requirements but instead of shelves, it would be the best to have a small cabinet. Since cabinets have drawers, you will be able to keep the things inside them and they would be safe. Additionally you will also be able to keep the things on the top of the cabinet as well. You may say that a cabinet would look odd inside the bathroom but in reality it does not. All you need to do is to select the right size of the cabinet.

Whenever you are selecting Bathroom Vanities Melbourne, always remember that it is not a store room. Having enough space in the bathroom makes it look nice and it is comfortable to move around as well. So, the best way to increase the space would be to have several hooks or antique rods. The main concept here is to have as much space as possible. So whichever item you choose, it should be such that it can be hung on the wall. Hanging sink or hanging basins can be a good choice. Alternatively you can also have hanging cabinets if you think that the normal cabinets would take up more space.


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