Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fitted Sliding Wardrobes v/s Fitted Hinged Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes can be of two types; one that has hinged doors and the other that has sliding doors. When compared, it has been seen that fitted sliding wardrobes are more beneficial than fitted hinged wardrobes. Although both of them have the benefits in their ways, but if we see the overall structure and features, then the sliding wardrobes have a slight edge over the hinged wardrobes. Both the wardrobes are built without sides or backs that allow you maximize the storage space as much as possible. However, there are customers who prefer having sides and backs so that it would not have an impact on the storage space. But, then again, the actual purpose of the wardrobe will not be served, which is to maximize the space. In order to fit any space, both the wardrobes are made according to the given measurements. Of course, there are ready-made ones available in the market, but it would be better to get one custom made because then you will be able to tell the craftsman how many drawers or sliders you will need inside to increase the storage space. Basically, a fitted wardrobe includes so many different things like shelves, draws, trousers rails, shoe racks, tie racks, short & long hanging etc.

Fitted Wardrobe
So, what gives sliding wardrobes the edge over hinged wardrobes? First, unlike the hinged wardrobes, the sliding ones do not need any extra space to open up. The doors of a hinged wardrobe are like any other wardrobe. They have two doors, and they swing open when you want to access anything inside the wardrobe. But with sliding doors, everything is very comfortable. You just slide the door left to right or right to left and access the things inside. With sliding wardrobes, you will have the option to install slider robes. It will further help in installing large mirrors and large doors that ultimately make the wardrobe bigger. This feature is not available with hinged wardrobes. In fact, the width of sliding doors can be up to 1200 mm, which is not possible with hinged wardrobes because of their concept of traditional doors.
Another reason it would be better to choose fitted sliding wardrobe is because of the standard depth of the doors that is around 650 mm. It allows enough space for the running tracks of the doors making the flow easy. The depth also has enough space so that no cloth gets caught by the doors while the slider is being opened and closed. Hinged doors can be an issue in this case because if you are not careful, then a loose cloth can enter a small space between the hinge and the door. This may result in the damage of that dress altogether.

So, now you can select a wardrobe as per your requirements after going through the above-mentioned points. But it is imperative to source the wardrobe from a reliable dealer like J Holmes Bedrooms.