Monday, 23 June 2014

Different Techniques for Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Carpet cleaning is something which is required more often because dirt and dust accumulate on the carpet. This can be harmful if you have small children in your house. There are many carpet cleaning companies in your locality and all you need to do is call them and ask them to take the carpets away to clean them. However, there are some easy ways to clean the carpets as well. This can be done at home by following some simple steps. People in Sydney came up with these steps and that is why the carpet cleaning in Sydney is done by the people themselves.

It might happen that while drinking coffee it spills on to the carpet and leaves a stain. This stain would dry up and if it grows old then it becomes a bit difficult to remove the stain completely. But the best way to remove such coffee stains from the carpet is by mixing some baking soda in form of a paste. This paste should be applied over the coffee stain and it should cover the whole stained area. This paste should be scrubbed with the help of an old toothbrush after drying up. When you are done with the scrubbing part, there will be dried crumbs of the paste. This should be vacuumed properly and when it is complete, you will not find any coffee stains on the carpet anymore. 

Another nuisance is juice stains. Although it seems that the process of removing juice stains is same as removing coffee stain but in reality it is not. For this, you will have to prepare a special solution by mixing water and vinegar. Leave the solution for a while and with a clean cloth, the solution has to be blotted on the areas where the juice stains exist. When it is done, the solution should settle down on the carpet for some time, say five minutes. The stained areas will have to be blotted again with the solution and this time you will have to apply pressure so that the stains can be removed easily. Once the stains are removed, you have to use cold water to wash the areas which you have blotted. This would clean the stain completely and the solution would also be removed. With this technique, you can also get rid of stains from beer or wines. Such homely methods are really good for temporary cleaning of the carpets but for intense Carpet Cleaning in Sydney, you will have to ask for the professional help of the specialized carpet cleaning companies. 

Food substance is another thing which generally leaves a stain on the carpets. After a house warming party, this is a very common thing to happen. In order to remove the greasy food, you will have to scrape the substance with the help of a teaspoon. However, you must be careful in doing so as the food may smear in the surrounding areas as well. After completing this, you will have to crush some oatmeal and sprinkle them over the affected areas. The whole thing should be left for half an hour. Vacuuming the oatmeal sprinkles after that would leave the carpet clean as before and the food stains will be removed. 

But these domestic methods of carpet cleaning are not as effective as the professional cleaning procedures. You are suggested to contact a reliable carpet cleaning company like Bubbles Carpet Cleaning to ensure the sparkling shine of your carpets.


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