Monday, 30 June 2014

Effective Carpet Cleaning Techniques followed by Professionals

Carpets are essential in almost all homes and it is considered to be a part of home decoration. The main reason to have carpets in your house is to give your feet a cushy and soft rest. But carpets are vulnerable to dust and dirt and stains especially if you have pets or children around most of the time. It is quite normal to have beverages or ink spills or food stains to be on the carpet but there are ways to remove those stains. Some of the stains can be removed quite easily while the others require special cleaning techniques. If you have carpets rolled out in your home you should be aware of the various techniques and the solutions used to clean these carpets.
One of the most popular methods in carpet cleaning is the absorbent technique. It is one of the simplest techniques and has the ability to clean the carpet in a very little time. In this method you will have to mix some absorbent mixture or cleaning detergent into the water and spray that water directly on the stain affected area of the carpet. It would be better if you use organic solvents instead of cleaning detergent. After the spraying is done you will have to leave it for a while and later get rid of the soil particles with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This is an ideal method as it requires less time and water and the carpet dries quickly too. Carpet cleaning Newcastle has come up with some unique ideas in this field. 

One of the examples of such methods is the bonnet method. This is basically a dry cleaning technique. An oscillating or rotating brush is dampened with water and the affected areas of the carpet are cleaned gently. You can also use a sprinkler but if there is excess water on the carpet then you will have to get rid of it quickly. For this you can use a pad or a sponge to soak the extra water. After this is done the rotating brush has to be used to clean the dirty areas. This is regarded as the best method to remove stains from carpets.

Steam cleaning is another very popular method used to clean carpets. This technique is used in almost every house. While cleaning any carpet you will find both solid dust as well as stains. In the steam method the solid dust has to be removed first with a vacuum cleaner. Since this is an initial process you can vacuum the full carpet just to ensure that there is no loose dust on it. Once this is done the rug has to be sprayed with hot water jet mixed with some detergent. In order to allow the detergent to react you will have to wait for around ten minutes before washing it in fresh water. The hot water helps in removing the sticky stains from the carpet and when the whole thing is washed again there will be not dirt or dust in it. However the carpet has to be dried properly before using otherwise it may give out an unpleasant odor. If you have high power extraction vacuum then the work will be done faster.


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