Monday, 23 June 2014

Best DIY Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

It is quite natural for pests to try to invade our homes but it is our duty to ensure that they cannot because they are the source to many of the health issues in a family. By pests, we normally think about the ones in the trees and garden but there are other types of pests as well which can harm us. They should be taken care of in the proper time otherwise they would not take much time to increase their family. Some of the most common pests are bedbugs, rodents, flying insects and ants. Homeowners face many problems clearing these pests and finally call the professional pest control to get rid of them. But if they follow a few simple steps then they would be able to shoo them away themselves. In Brisbane, pest control services are rendered by the homeowners and they hardly have to call the professionals for this. They are aware of the techniques and they implement them very well.

While conducting the pest control inspection in your home, you can see that the amount of flying insects seems to be increasing every day and it is really irritating. These insects have the tendency to carry bacteria for diseases such as malaria, dengue and many other contagious ailments. The best way to make sure they are not able to enter the home is by getting rid of them. This can be done primarily by repairing or adding windows in your house. These insects are generally attracted to lights. So it would be better to switch the lights off when they are not in use. If there are recluse spiders and flies around then you can use sticky traps to capture them. These are available in almost all stores and are quite affordable. You can lay the traps on the furniture and the walls and can be rest assured that the flies and flying insects would be trapped in them. Stagnant water is also another place where pests grow, especially mosquitoes carrying the virus for malaria and dengue. So if you change the water on alternate days then the chance of their growth would not be there. If there are leaking pipes anywhere then do get them repaired as they can add to the growth of molds in the kitchen or in the bathroom area. You just need to follow the above mentioned tips and the results would be no lesser than the professional Brisbane pest control services. 
Bedbugs are another nuisance for homeowners. The main reason why people find it to get rid of them is because bedbugs have the ability to live without food for twelve months. But there are easy ways to get rid of them. These pests come from cracks and holes in the furniture and walls. If these places are unfixable then the best thing you can do is spray kerosene oil on your bed and other areas where you think the bedbugs would attack. Kerosene oil is the best bedbug repellant and can keep them away for months. If it affects your mattress then do ensure that after spraying the kerosene you spread the mattress in the sun for eight hours. This procedure of Brisbane pest control has to be repeated after every two months for the whole year. If this is done properly then there would be no bedbugs to disturb your peaceful sleep. But if you find that DIY technique has not been effective in the long run then it will be the best to consult the professional pest control company like Termite Tech.