Monday, 30 June 2014

Artificial Turfs: Amazing Way to Laden your Home with Greenery

Are you tired of mowing and watering your lawn but you crave for greenery too? If you do so, then having a lawn with artificial turf is the best way to go with. You can enjoy the greenery around your home without having to cut down the grass and weed, and watering the lawn, if you have a lawn with synthetic grass.

Installing the artificial grass gives you an access to an aesthetically pleasing view and the true feel of the greenery. One can retain the greenery for many years without having to worry about fertilizing and manicuring the turf.

The services of artificial turf in Perth to install a synthetic turf are highly availed at the places where there is no one to water and take care of mowing the grass when it grows. Artificial turf is the best method to provide greenery to a particular area without having a routine maintenance program.  The artificial turfs were previously used in sports stadiums only. But they are now being excessively used in homes, residential complexes, hotels, schools, colleges and at various other places.

The artificial turfs are designed to endure harsh weather conditions and deliver traction. Each blade of grass features an advanced UV coating that remains unaffected by rain. The turf has specially designed drainage holes which prevent the water from logging, thereby leaving no room for water-borne disease. The drainage holes in the artificial turf also allow you to continue your game right after the rain stops as there would be no risk of slipping or falling.

The artificial grass does not have any toxic properties and is made from the highest quality of yarns. The coatings, glue, backing etc., which are used in the manufacturing of such grass is non-toxic so that your children and pet can play on it freely.
Companies that install synthetic grass in Perth have different types of turfs to suit the different budgets and needs of people. The different types of artificial grass in Perth can be categorized into following:

1.Tuf Turf
A two tone grass with uniform height, Tuf Turf provides the look of a recently mowed lawn. This 35mm long, high density turf remains a preferred choice for home lawns.
Meadow turf features 40 mm long grass and combines two different yarn styles of: 1) Two tone straight yarn, and 2) Textured support yarn.
Lush turf has 50mm long grass blade and uses two different yarns and shades of green to reflect a natural appearance. It is mainly used by landscape architects.
This type of turf requires less infill and features a nylon thatch to lend a natural grass-like appearance. The Envy turf has a two tone, monofilament 45mm long grass blade.

Artificial turfs are extremely environment-friendly as they do not require any toxic chemical to maintain the greenery and growth of the turf. Also, installing artificial turf will also help one in cutting down the water and electricity cost.  By looking on the web you can find a number of companies offering artificial turf supplies in Perth. Make sure that the company you choose provides full-cycle artificial turf installation services at affordable rates.
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