Thursday, 17 July 2014

Maintain Cleanliness in Office with Office Cleaning Perth

Have you ever wondered how much of strict management is required to keep the office clean and tidy? Well, you would not probably, if you do not own the office premises yourself. But if you the owner of the office and you have employees working under you, then it is your responsibility to see that the office premises are kept clean and hygienic at all times. And for this you would have to rely on a professional group of office cleaners like Office Cleaning Perth, who would come in regularly and look after your office cleaning. However, it is also essential to check from time to time whether all the work is being properly done or not.

Here are some things that you should look for in good Commercial Cleaning Services Perth:
•    The staff form the agency that comes in to the cleaning on the appointed days should maintain a strict regimen and stick to the allotted times of the day. They should not be seen cleaning corridors and stairwells when your clients and delegates make their way to the conference room for an important meeting. Ideally, they should come in for the cleaning before the morning work starts.

•    You should also look for cleaners who would be able to manage some of the extra and more difficult work as required. Some heavier work like window pane cleaning, carpet cleaning, pantry scrubbing, garden weeding etc, is not often done by the regular cleaners. Opting for those who will be also able to manage these tasks would free you from the obligation of looking for another set of cleaners when the time comes. It may cost you a bit more, but it would be worth it in the long run.

•    Being the head of your own office, you should also be responsible towards the office cleaners, because in a way they are your employees as well. So do make certain concessions for the holidays or if any of the cleaners fall ill during their tenure for work. Also do make it a point to collect their ids and keep a copy of their address and id proofs with you. This would come in handy in case any of the family members have to be contacted or due to some other emergency. You should also know the location of the office of the office cleaning agency from which the staff is appointed.

You have to remember that the office can only function smoothly when the employees work in a healthy and clean environment. You may think that the office is all about the work that is done there, but in reality, office cleaning is perhaps the most subtle and the most important aspect of office management and Commercial Cleaning Services Perth will help you to achieve it in very affordable rates.

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