Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How Important is Asbestos Inspection

 Homes which were built in the old times consisted of Asbestos. If you are still living in a home which was constructed 50 years ago, then you should get the house inspected from the professionals offering the services for asbestos inspection in Brisbane to ensure that your house does not have Asbestos, which is a health-hazard for you and your family.

The main problem with Asbestos is that people who have inhaled the Asbestos particles get to know that they have been affected by a life-threatening disease after 20 to 30 years. This leaves them helpless as by the time they learn about it, it gets too late. If you smoke and you have Asbestos in your home, then your chances of getting diagnosed with lung cancer doubles.  

Asbestos can be found in external areas of your home like eaves, fences, shingles, roofing, walls, gas covers, pipe lines, etc.  It is not only the exterior areas in which this deadly particle is present. On inspection, you will get to know that it has been also affecting your family from the interiors of your home. The ceilings, floor coverings, household appliances, gas heat seals, walls, splash panels and at many other places, asbestos might be present.

To ensure the safety of your family’s health, you should get rid of Asbestos as soon as possible. It gets in the respiratory system and become the root cause behind Mesothelioma, and several other types of lung diseases. Asbestos is mainly of two types: Chrysotile and Amosite. The former one can be found in fire exits, construction adhesives, plaster, vinyl ties, and texture coating while the latter one is mainly used in construction areas. Both these types of asbestos are very harmful and are known to be the reason behind diseases like lung cancer, pleural plagues, asbestos warts, and several others.

Only a qualified professional for asbestos testing in Brisbane can help you prevent any life-threatening disease caused by Asbestos. An Asbestos inspection professional will not only help you to get rid of the Asbestos particles but will also educate you and yourself about the harmful effects of Asbestos.

The professionals offering the services for building inspections in Brisbane are trained to locate the particular area of the home which has Asbestos particles in it. Until the Asbestos particles have not been removed, the professionals won’t allow you to go near the area. The professionals have the proper gears and equipment to ensure the safety. This is why it is advised that only a professional should be hired to inspect the presence of Asbestos particles in any area.

While getting your home or office inspected by a professional, make sure that along with being experienced and holding expertise in asbestos inspection, he / she also knows how to inspect the area for pests. Hiring a company offering building and pest Inspection in Brisbane will give you the chance to kill the two birds with the same stone. You can get rid of the Asbestos and the pesky pests in a single go.

If you are buying or renting a home which looks a bit old, check with the seller or landlord that whether the home has undergone an Asbestos inspection or not. If not, you should get the house inspected and get the asbestos particles removed before you enter the home.
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