Thursday, 17 July 2014

How to Ensure Effective Pest Control in Brisbane

With over 12000 species of ants in the world, it is no doubt that people’s lives are affected. Some of them find their ways out to our homes to taste the sweet food, flesh or greasy items. Our lives get miserable due to this habit of theirs. These ants and other insects need to be controlled and their access to our house should be controlled. Termites also play an important role in infesting our wooden furniture. Consequently, within a few years, our loved pieces of furniture turn into debris. Termite control in Brisbane thus plays an important role to keep things safe and protect them from any damage. Pest control in Brisbane encompasses a lot of activities which are a comprehensive range of pest control services. These services include cockroach treatments, ant treatments, spider treatments, flea treatments, rodent elimination, silverfish treatments, wasp treatments, termite treatments, timber decay treatments, timber pest inspections and a lot of other services.

Termites are responsible for causing serious and expensive damage to house and property. These are one of the most common household pests and thereby termite control should be done adequately. It should also be handled by professionals as they only can come up with solutions which are capable of removing and eradicating all kinds of termite activity. Regular inspections should also be carried out as a lot of hidden problems can surface out in this process. There are some signs which can foretell that termites have already attacked the furniture. They are small piles of sawdust, mud tubes which allow them to travel above the ground, damaged or hollowed sounding wood and pinholes in walls or wallpaper. Thus, termite protection in Brisbane is a matter of great concern.

Termite protection Brisbane entails some of the following steps:

•    A series of bait boxes could be placed around the home by digging the holes. These should be filled with cellulose which attracts the termites.
•    Two kinds of poisons are used for killing the termites. They are stomach poisons and another kind of poison which prevents termites to regrow after molting.
•     If the problem is serious, one can go for fumigation techniques and rely on the experts. 

Commercial areas also go for various kinds of termite control techniques as termites attack offices too and destroy a lot of property. Termite barrier in Brisbane is also built at pre-construction sites to prevent an attack or eliminate the attack of these insects. These chemicals are used to ensure termite protection and achieve maximum results. The pest protection services are tailored to meet the domestic or commercial pest control needs. The highest quality chemicals used are Termidor Dust and Termidor Residual, and they are the perfect combination for both inside and outside properties. A specialized pest control company such as Guaranteed Pest Control assures a pest free life for you that too at very affordable charges. 


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