Sunday, 27 July 2014

All about Floor Tiles Melbourne

Tiles are an integral part of home décor. The rooms, bathrooms and even kitchen floors are installed with tiles. There are various kinds of tiles which are of a variety of shapes and sizes. Even the materials are also different with a lot of color options. The floor tiles Melbourne are there for many centuries. But, the competition among the manufacturers is how to bring about changes and latest designs in the tiles. In the previous years the choice was largely limited to ceramic, stone and porcelain. Now, the choices are many. One can choose from a wide range of timber look alike ceramic floor tiles, oversized format tiles and designs to bring about a variety of wall feature. A lot of trends have flooded the market in terms of bathroom tiles Melbourne and floor tiles Melbourne. Some of the trends are:  

Continuity in color between inside and out with the same tiles being laid in living spaces and outdoor areas.
The tiles are generally oversized and over scaled.
Tiles are generally made with recycled materials nowadays such as the Flow porcelain range.
Timber look tiles that look exactly like the natural planks of wood. These are perfect for areas which are prone to moisture such as the bathrooms and the kitchens.
Bold accent colors are used such as electric blue, olive green and charcoal grey. They are also paired with understated neutrals.
Featured walls in tiles and stones.
Ceramic tiles which are much away from their traditional look.
Glass tiles Melbourne are bought as well to bring about a perfect look for the rooms. Some very essential things are to be kept in mind before selecting the tiles. The lifestyle of the owners has to be determined first as a busy house with children and pets requires low maintenance and easy to clean tiles. In a hallway or high traffic area slip-resistant tiles should be opted for. Non porous or well sealed tiles should be chosen for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. The grouting between the tiles is very important. Either white is chosen or it can be color matched to the tiles. The base of the floor should be strong and inflexible as the tiles have a tendency to crack if they are not given proper support.

A extensive range of services are offered by the reputed tile suppliers Melbourne. They include importing and supplying ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and glass tiles directly to the public, cutting service, delivery service, measuring of plans and quotes on supply of tiles, glues, grouts, tile cutting, spacers, diamond blades, trowels, specialized cutting equipments for tiles, electric tiles, metals and plastic trims etc. They also supply mosaic, terracotta tiles, quarry tiles, tessellated tiles, commercial tiles, industrial tiles, boutique type tiles and a lot more. The showrooms are full of expert guides who can also give expert suggestions to the customers about the tile colors and patterns which will fit the houses. The tiles should also reflect the personality of the owners highlighting their likes and status.

One such expert name in the industry is the Metric Tile; which has garnered a huge repute in the region, with its quality supply of products, of the highest quality to provide consumers with exceptional product range. 

 The quality tile suppliers Melbourne are thus serving the society efficiently and comprehensively with their expertise and insightful knowledge.


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