Monday, 5 May 2014

Various Professional Methods of Cleaning Carpets

Carpets have become a necessity for almost every house these days. It helps in enhancing the overall decoration of the house and on top of that it adds to the soft cushioning of the family members. One drawback of carpets is that they are subject to become dirty in a very quick time especially if you have kids or pets at home. It often happens that the carpet has got a very old ink stain or food stain or even milk or beverage spills and that stain would not go away. In that case it does not look and it is best you get in touch with a company who are involved in cleaning carpets professionally. The cleaning techniques which are used by them are different from the simple flipping and brushing which people normally do at homes. If you check on the internet by searching for carpet cleaning Sydney you will get a list of names of the companies along with their address and contact number. This will help you to know the fees and the ways by which they would proceed with their work.

One of the most common techniques applied by the professionals while cleaning is the absorbent method. The best part about this method is that it does not take too long to be done. The process is really simple. All they do is spray water on the surface of the carpet directly and that water contains a cleaning detergent or absorbent mixture basically extracts the stains from the carpet. Most of the companies tend to use organic solvents for better results. Once the spraying is done the soil particles or the places where the stains are there has to be vacuumed. Another good thing about this method is it uses very little amount of water which is why the carpet dries up quickly.

The bonnet method is also another popular way of cleaning carpets which the professionals follow. This is mainly a dry cleaning method and is very effective for those carpets which have become extremely dirty. For this technique a rotating or oscillating brush is required along with some water to make the carpet a bit damp. Sprinkling water instead of damping the carpet can also be done and wherever there is excess water a pad can be used to soak that extra water. In order to clean the stains the rotating brush has to be used in the areas where there are stains. This method is often used by the professionals when they get orders to clean out the big stains. There are times when the carpet is new but due to some reason food or beverage has spilled on to it. To remove those stains this method is the best.

If you are looking to clean the carpet fully then it would be best if the shampoo method is applied. It involves the usage of foam shampoo which is sprayed on to the carpet. The places where there are stains, you can apply a bit more shampoo in that part and then a damp sponge or brush is used to clean the whole thing. Once the whole carpet is cleaned and dried, a vacuum cleaner is required to get rid of the dry dirt particles.

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