Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Complete the Look of Your Kitchen with a Benchtop

With interior designers coming up with bizarre new ways of designing, one can invigorate any part of their home. The latest trend followed when one re-designs or designs a kitchen. 

A benchtop is a horizontal work surface supported by cabinets. A benchtop is a highly functional platform on which one can place the basic ingredients, tools and spices used while cooking. If you are planning on using a benchtop in your kitchen, you must know about the different types of benchtops available in the market.

While buying benchtops you must select a design which goes in sync with the look, feel, and color of the walls of your kitchen. In the market, one can find a number of benchtops made from different materials and in different designs. Previously, benchtops made from formica and plastic laminates were the preferred ones but now one has unlimited choices. Let us have a look at what are the types of kitchen benchtops that are available in the market and which type of benchtop will suit different setting and needs:

•Even though expensive, the most common type of benchtop which is most used is the one made from timber. Timber benchtops are best suited for a kitchen with traditional and rustic appeal. These benchtops are sturdy

•Laminate benchtops are the second type of benchtops. Such benchtops goes in sync with every type of setting. These benchtop have certain disadvantages like scratch prone, chances of cracking when a hot pan is placed on it, etc.

•Then there are scratch and stain resistant granite benchtops which are sturdy and long-lasting.

•Alike laminate benchtops, the stone benchtops are also well-suited to any type of setting and are highly durable like granite benchtops.

•A little less sturdy than timber and granite benchtops, marble benchtops suit all types of setting.

•Another most preferred and stylish type of benchtops is quartz benchtops. These benchtops are highly functional and have different qualities like easily maintainable, heat-resistant, scratch resistant, etc

•Several other types of benchtops that are available are made from polyester, natural stone, stainless steel, recycled glass, etc.

If you are puzzled with the wide variety of benchtops, you can consult a kitchen benchtops Melbourne Company. The company will bring its years of experience to the table and will help you find the perfect designs and a benchtop which will suit your kitchen’s setting and your needs.

A kitchen benchtop Melbourne Company providing stone benchtops in Melbourne services will ensure that the benchtop which you choose lasts for a long time. Along with helping you in choosing a benchtop, the company can also help you in enhancing the look and functionality of your bathroom with their bathroom vanities Melbourne services. The company has specialized professionals to offer these two different types of services.

However, you must only avail the services of the company after enquiring about the credibility, flexibility and the rates of the different packages of the company. Only after satisfying yourself on these parameters, you should take help from the company.

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