Wednesday, 9 April 2014

All about Kitchen Benchtops

Bench top can add to the elegance of your kitchen. It completes the look of your modular kitchen designed as per the latest standards. Whether you are planning on redesigning your kitchen or designing a kitchen from the scratch, always consider a kitchen benchtop.

A kitchen benchtop should be sturdy, heat resistant, water resistant and easy to maintain. A number of materials are used to design kitchen benchtops. Previously, plastic laminates and formicawere preferred but today one can choose from a plethora of options. But one just cannot choose a benchtop only on the basis of designs. The type of work that you do in your kitchen, the color of your walls and several other things must be considered before buying a benchtop. Let us read about the type of benchtops available in the market:


Perfect for a kitchen with rustic appeal, Benchtops made from timber are sturdy. Timber benchtops do not require much maintenance and are an expensive choice.


Laminate benchtops are affordable and complements every set up quite well. These benchtops are available in a wide range of finishes, colors and designs. The disadvantages of these types of benchtops are that they are vulnerable to scratches and demands extra care on your part to avoid placing hot pans on it.


The only benchtop with multiple advantages and capacity of resisting scratches and stain, granite benchtops are sturdy and will always maintain its shine thereby, enhancing your kitchen’s elegance.


An ideal choice for all types of kitchen styles, stone benchtops can run for a lifetime as they are highly durable.


Looks fantastic in all settings, marble is an all-time favorite even after being less strong in comparison to granite and timber.


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