Saturday, 5 April 2014

Add a Pinch of Style to Your Cupboards with a Flashy Door Knob

Planning on redecorating your house or finalizing the interior designs? Make sure that you also give a thought to funky door knobs. Yes, door knobs. Although small, designer door knobs can create a huge impact. The trend of having stylish door knobs is on a rage these days. Gone are the days when we used to have simple door knobs to open the doors. In this ultra-modern age, you can add panache to your doors, dressers and cupboards with designer door knobs.

A great variety of door knobs is available out there in the market. You will find a number of companies in London providing such door knobs at competitive rates. From ceramic to crystal and then on to glass, you can find a wide range of Cupboard Knobs in London. The glass knobs are available in multiple colors with which they give a sparkling effect when the light falls on it. You can easily reinvigorate and refurbish your home interiors with these elegant door knobs. Not only at the interiors of your room, you can also use these door knobs in your kitchen as well to add a bit of gaudiness to the drawers of your kitchen. You must wisely judge that which type of knob should be used in kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Installing door knobs will definitely do value addition to your closet. For those who would like to give their home an antiquated appeal, they have the option to choose antique door knobs. The door knobs are also available in different styles, sizes and shapes. You can find a round, square, oval, oblong and knobs in many other shapes which will also add to the beauty of the knob. Crystal Knobs in London are designed to the highest quality standards and are long lasting. Such door knobs can also be used as a gift at a housewarming party.

House renovation made fun with designer door knobs

Designer Glass knobs in London will make house redecorating much more fun for you. You can choose red glass knobs with white swirls or amber glass squares for your drawers. From classy to flamboyant to elegant to stylish, you can choose a look which will go in sync with your room.

As these designer knobs are in vogue, you can easily find them at a local hardware store. But you might not be offered with too many options there. Hence, shopping online is the best and easiest way to find a door knob of your choice. You can even explain the look of your drawers and cupboards to the experts and get yourself the perfect knob for your cupboard, kitchen and bath cabinet. Generally the prices of the door knobs depend on the quality, design, shape and style of the knobs. But still these door knobs suit all budgets.

You must not fret if the holes of your old knobs do not match with the new ones. You can fill the existing holes with putty and drill new holes to give your drawer a makeover.
So whenever you are looking for redecorating your house, you need to make sure that you get an attractive door knob for your drawers. Simply browse “ceramic knobs in London” or “Glass cupboards knobs in London” to make a style statement of your choice. 


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