Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ceramic Knobs London for Adding Glamour to Your Special Rooms and Cupboards

For many, building a home is fulfillment of a dream and they want their home to be appealing and they are ready to spend some extra money for getting the best and latest accessories that will contribute to the aesthetic ambience of their dream home. Door handles and door knobs contribute a lot to the final appearance of a home and they are capable of creating an impression in the minds of your guests. You would have seen door knobs that come many forms and styles and in different materials. Knobs usually are found either in round or in sphere shapes but there are oval and square knobs and modern manufacturers have come out with more designs and shapes. They are found to be more suitable for cupboards and usually people prefer Glass Cupboard Knobs London as they are very elegant in their appearance.

People that need elegance and ambience to their rooms will prefer to have Glass Knobs London for their doors. They are not as durable as their metallic counterparts and they are better suited for cabinet, cupboards and also for glass doors. It is comparatively cheaper than other types but there are expensive knobs available with exquisite designs.

Apart from glass, there are crystal knobs London. Crystal is glass in its clearest form and definitely they are more elegant than glass in appearance. Apart from that, crystal is made by adding lead component and it makes them harder and heavier than glass. This quality makes it more durable and people prefer to use them in places of high traffic because of their longevity. It has better ability than glass to reflect light and they will glitter, if lights are on, adding a new charm to the room. You will get crystal in different styles and in finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome and satin nickel and it will perfectly match with all types of decorating style. Usually crystal knobs have between six and twelve facets. 

If you want to bring a new look to your kitchen or bathroom, then you can update them easily just by changing knobs of the cabinets there. You will get them in different colors, shapes and materials as to complement the design of your bath or kitchen. Ceramic knobs London is a preferred medium or artists to draw new designs. You can add tiny works on them and add glamour to your room. You can have floral designs or you can give them a silver etching and it will make them more elegant. Ceramic is highly versatile and you can mould them into any shape. Today, you have ceramic knobs London in shapes like nose, ear, lips, animal heads and they bring in a special look to the cupboard knob London. Knobs in shapes of Disney characters or in funny shapes like pumpkin will suit your kids’ room.

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